The Romanian Cultural Garden

HISTORY: “Like most public attractions this Cleveland Cultural Garden’s 24 twin cultural parks was virtually engendered in 1896, on Cleveland’s 100th anniversary, when philanthropist John D. Rockefeller donated to the city the two miles long ravine that lies between the University Circle and Lake Erie, on Martin Luther King Boulevard. By 1916 the British Garden was born to honor Shakespeare. Later, Leo Widenthal’s idea of an intercultural garden came to life and, by 1939, there were 18 gardens. The Romanian Garden was a dream fostered by the Association of Romanian American students, Alpha Sigma Ro, presided by Dr. Nick Neagoy. The clergy and lay leaders of the time, among whom we remember Rev. Pascu, Fr. Vasile Hategan and Fr. Toderich were instrumental to secure the land for the Romanian presence here. This became a reality in 1967, when the statue of the violinist, composer and conductor George Enescu was brought from the “captive nation” of Romania and installed here, not far from Severence Hall, where the maestro often conducted the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra. Romanian Americans loved the composer and were proud of this achievement. Since then, the local churches and societies had small contributions, such as the garden’s sign, restorations and repairs when it was vandalized, planting flowers and participating in the board of the Cultural Gardens Federation.”–Father Remus Grama

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The Romanian Cultural Garden is a community effort and we depend on your continued assistance in order to make this endeavor as successful as possible. Please check for updates on our website as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out the best you can be involved with the Romanian Cultural Garden and help support the Romanian community in Cleveland. Thank you!

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